• Premium Dark Soy Sauce 1.9L
Premium Dark Soy Sauce 1.9L

Soy Sauce

Premium Dark Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce

Premium Dark Soy Sauce

  • No Preservatives AddedNo Preservatives AddedNo Preservatives Added
    No Preservatives Added
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Deliver the desired deep colour, full-bodied texture and lustre to stews, casseroles, noodles and other dishes. It is naturally brewed with non-GM soybeans, with no added MSG or preservatives. Dark Soy Sauce has a hint of sweetness and more subtle in soy bean taste. Its main purpose is for its colour instead of taste. Add progressively until it reaches your desired deepness of colour.


Water, Salt, Colour (Plain Caramel), Sugar, Defatted Soybeans 10%, Wheat.


Wheat, Soybeans

Pack Sizes

1.9L, Pail

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