Lee Kum Kee Sponsored World Championship of Chinese Cuisine 2016

The 3-day World Championship of Chinese Cuisine 2016 was successfully concluded on 21st September in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 48 contestant teams from 20 countries and regions infused their creativity and Chinese culinary expertise into making dishes. As one of the biggest sponsors of this event, Lee Kum Kee was able to support Chinese restaurant industry and to promote Chinese culinary culture worldwide through this platform.

Apart from sponsoring all the sauces for the event and competition, Lee Kum Kee was invited to the “East meets West” Seminar where Maria Chong, Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee Europe, shared the Lee Kum Kee experience and knowledge on how to bring Chinese culinary culture and Chinese sauce brand to the West. Besides, a Michelin-starred Hong Kong chef was invited by Lee Kum Kee and demonstrated three creative dishes using Lee Kum Kee sauces to the event audience.

Lee Kum Kee booth presented a strong brand image with three different sections: Chinese culinary culture area, Chinese sauces display area, and cooking demo area. Sets of nicely designed Chinese folding screen showcased a glimpse of Chinese Culinary Culture. The Lee Kum Kee Chinese sauce wall was the highlight of the booth and attracted hundreds of visitors to take photos with it. In the cooking demonstration area, Lee Kum Kee colleagues demonstrated and explained to visitors how Chinese sauces can be wonderfully used in Chinese dishes as well as European food.

The event was covered by both mainstream and Chinese media. Lee Kum Kee was interviewed by the Netherlands’ largest business news radio and BBC radio to share our thoughts on Chinese cuisine in the western context.